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Employing sublingual dissolvable tablets for Hormone Replacement Therapy.

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RDTs Rapidly Dissolving Tablets HRT Hormone Replacement Therapy
Weight Loss
Intimacy Enhancers

Hormone Replacement Therapy with a sublingual dissolving tablet

From the comfort of your home
With tailored treatment plans, individuals can address hormone imbalances. Enjoy the ease of administration and personalized care.
Video consultation
Receive personalized guidance on treatment options. Gain insights and advice tailored to your needs, all through convenient online.
HRT injections and creams
For hormone replacement therapy, offering direct dosage control and convenient topical application for absorption.
Without doctor's office or lab visits
Discover Hormone Replacement Therapy without the hassle of doctor or lab visits. Conveniently manage hormone imbalances on your terms.
At-home finger prick lab test
Simply follow the instructions provided, perform the test at your convenience, and receive accurate hormone level results without the need for a clinic visit.
Fastest products delivery
Enjoy swift shipping and efficient service, ensuring you receive your products promptly to maintain your treatment regimen without interruption.
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Enhance your
performance and stamina

  • Rapidly Dissolving Tablets (RDTs).
  • Three month program.
  • Bio-identical hormones.
  • Formula is personalized to your specific needs.
  • Tablets dissolve in the mouth and absorbed through the oral mucosa bypassing the liver.
  • Additionally you will get Sildenafil or Tadalafil tablets at no extra cost (Generics of Viagra and Cialis).
  • Other possible presentations of hormones available are injectables and creams as alternatives to RDTs.